[toggle title=”Q: I would like to see some movie that I found on this page, how do I do that?”]

A: Well, there are several ways:

  1. Go to the local video store and rent or buy the movie. This is the best option because you get the full experience of the movie, extras, making of and bunch other stuff
  2. Download it via Internet. You can use torrents, emule or rapidshare.
    Torrent: Torrents require a program µTorrent, google it, it`s free, after that you need to find a site that indexes torrent files, I recommend piratebay, google it and you will find it. After that type in the name of the movie in the search field, when the list comes up, click and download the torrent file with the most seeders and leechers, seeders already have the movie on their hard drive and they are sending it around the world, and leechers are people who are currently downloading the movie, they have parts of it. They are marked SE and LE and pirate bay. After that you limit your upload speed for that torrent, and that`s it.
    Emule: Another P2P program, all the instructions are found on the site www.sharethefiles.com
    Rapidshare: You can use several sites: http://www.rlslog.net/ . http://www.allyoulike.com/ or type into google the name of the movie and blogspot or rapidshare
  3. Borrow a movie from a friend
  4. See it in the movie theater


[toggle title=”Q: What is milking that I have read in some of the reviews?”]

A: Milking is using the name and the glory of some movie to make sequel that has just one purpose, to use it`s predecessor to make money. Usually the plot is somewhat related to the original, but production values and all other stuff are lame.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Q: What are production values?”]

A: Production values are the amount of money that is invested in the movie, that means if you have high production values you will get crisp clear picture, much more camera angles, and scenery along with the entire set. And bad values mean that bunch of people decided to make home-video movie and market it for unknown reasons. Do not get me wrong there are excellent low budget movies but most of them are straight to video and have target audience, like hallmark movies.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Q: How can I spot a good movie?”]

A: There are several things that you can check to see if the movie is worth watching:

  1. Cover of the movie does not mean shit, film makers are investing more and more money into this, especially if the movie is straight to dvd release. You are at the video store and you are checking out the movies, and the cover looks really good, like the movie is some excellent big budget comedy or horror or any given genre, but when you play it all the crapness comes out of it. Cover should be just guideline about the genre and a bit about the content of the movie, do not base your judgment on it.
  2. Next thing is imdb.com check the actors, if you know someone and you liked him in some flick, that`s a good sign. Rating of the movie is also a doubtable guideline, sometimes really good movies have low rating becaouse the general population did not like it. But it`s definitely a valuable guideline. Next thing is the user comment, usually  they are good, especially if the movie is a bit older so there have been a few posts and this one came out as the most valuable one.
  3. Youtube trailer, this way you can see production values, acting and other things that influence your judgement. Sometimes they cram into trailer all the good scenes and the rest of the movie is crap.
  4. Go with the gut. After you checked all these recourses you make a call based on the overall feeling and the vibe that yo are getting from the movie. After all these years of ten movies that I get 4 are crap, 3 are watchable and 3 are really good. And one more thing, there is no a bad movie, every movie is good in its own sense, enjoy.


[toggle title=”Q: What means straight to dvd?”]

A: Movie is usually low budget, and with b cast, but that does not mean that it`s bad. It just means that it`s not intended for movie theater screenings.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Q: What does the word mainstream means, regarding movies?”]

A: Mainstream means that the movie is intended for a very wide group of people. This means that they are trying not to be offensive, disturbing or anything else that would bring up some emotions and make people think, this is just mindless entertainment and nothing else. This is done due to the money lust of the movie makers, the bigger the target group, the bigger the income. Lets take some movies for example, something that every one has seen:

Harry Potter: Instead of that confident do gooder, lets say that Harry cannot take that terrible burden and responsibility that he did not ask for. He starts to drink and abuses his powers, doubts his own purpose in this world, so he falls in love with Hermione, trying to satisfy his basic instincts. One night when he is drunk enough he rapes her. Later on he regrets his choice and decides to go the dark side, where he feels at peace with his evil choices. After some time he realizes that there is no good or evil, they are just choices that people make. Final scene: He stands on a windy cliff on the night of the full moon, the wind slowly moves his long black hair as he speaks in a deep voice: There is no good, or evil, and there is no god, and even if he existed I would be him… He jumps and flies to the burning village below to pillage and plunder. That is pretty plausible development of the story that will never happen because then this movie could not be shown to the kids, and many people will think that it is sending the wrong message. So the movie stays with this watered down story and plot that is acceptable for the most viewers, and it makes millions of dollars.

But even here you can see that the infinite greed of the studios is influencing everything, due ti the quest that one movie covers children, teens and young adults there is more sexual content, and some twists that are not intended for children, but they are cleverly masked. Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events is a perfect example, you have a girl with huge boobs, making those porno expressions on her face the entire movie! If you want any recent movies Push is great way to go, Dakota is dressed like a prostitute and the entire movie she is in a mini scirt. Movies intended for small children and young teens are now packed with murders and violence, but they are given that cute look and posters so the parents can say that they are acceptable. I mean why beat around a bush, just make two movies, one for the adults and one for the children. Oh wait, i forgot, you have to pay the actors unbelievable amounts of cash, and to pay the computer guys to make the movie look good, and you have to do that twice, why don`t just cram it all in one movie and slap some sticker that says that everyone will find something in it. Enough ranting, i guess you get the picture. I am not saying that mainstream cinema is bad, it just gets boring after a while for us that are watching that many movies, and you weep for something original and with balls that says that it is not intended for children or that it is.


[toggle title=”Q: What are movies so bad that they are good, is there a list with movies so bad that they are funny?”]

A: Movies so bad that are funny are usually B movies with a low budget and production values. This means that you will get funny looking monsters, for example the monster in Skeletonman has a garbage bag as a cape, and crappy acting, script and plot so clichéd that there is nothing else left to do but to laugh. The funniest movies are those who are trying to be tough and they would probably made it in that if they had more money to hire better actors and the rest of the crew, but this way they just suck. Gather bunch of friends, buy some bear and enjoy in overacting, plot holes, bad special effects, cheesy pickup lines, and all the joys of bad movies. So far there is no official list, you can check out youtube or independent sites for that, or just wait that they are published on this site.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Q: What are sick and fucked up movies, and is there a list of sick and fucked up movies? “]

A: These movies are made to make you sick and shiver. They are all fake, so all the blood is syrup or paint, and the corpses are made of rubber, so they are not snuff movies. They are usually created by independent filmmakers and they have a certain shock value, and that is their main purpose, to watch them and say jesus zombie christ, this movie is fucked up! Mutilation, necrophilia, torture and all other fun stuff are the usual ingredients of these movies. Their quality varies from professionally shot with that great production vibe to home videos slaughter(perfect examples are Aftermath and August Underground). So far there is no official list, but as usual if you ask the mighty google, ye shall find the answer.[/toggle]