[toggle title=”Q: I just saw some awesome movie and I would like to recommend it, how do I do it?”]

A: Send me an email at:  info@rabbit-reviews.com and you will be credited for the discovery, and also get a link to your personal page.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Q: I have some question that I think should be here, how can I contact you?”]

A: All questions will be answered as soon as possible, send an email at info@rabbit-reviews.com[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Q: I disagree with some of the reviews that are posted on this site, will you alter them?”]

A: Movie reviews posted on this site are mine personal opinions about certain movies, and if I am wrong in some way I will alter them, just state your reasons for that.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Q: I do not like the site layout, will you change it?”]

A: This is the first site that I have done, and I am little short on funding, so I guess over the time it will improve.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Q: Why the site is updated with just two movies per day?”]

A: Because I do not have time to post anymore movies, I am currently working two jobs, trying to finish the college and run this site, so I am asking you for patience. I am hoping that things and my money situation will improve.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Q: I would like to donate some amount of money to the site, how do I do that?”]

A: First of all thank you for any amount of money, it will be remembered and it will help the site. For any donations please contact me at info@rabbit-reviews.com, and thank you again.[/toggle]