Yeah this is a remake of a 1986 classic, and yes I hitcheram not going to review the classic. Why, because its classic and you know it’s good and worth seeing, but if have not seen either of these movies, take look at a newer one first. A crazy psycho John Ryder (played disturbingly well by Sean Bean) just hitched a ride from a young couple after they just passed him earlier on.

After this for no apparent reason he stacks them in cat and mouse like game, with lots of innocent victims. Movie is classic blockbusters so do not expect from him the same suspense as in the original. Nice effects and updated story qualify this movie for a watching and be sure to check out the original from 1986.

Director: Dave Meyers

Cast: Sean Bean, Sophia Bush, Zachary Knighton, Neal McDonough

Fun Facts: The car Jim drives is an Oldsmobile 442.


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