Both movies are ok, but I think that the first one was way better.punisher_ver2 The other one has a different feel to it, more tormented, nothing to lose, not so happy feel, unlike the first one which was more lively and happy feel to it. And then again, lots of gore and cool effects in the second one, it is very hard to decide. They both have there qualities.  Anywhoo, definitely worth watching, great production values, and okay cast, enjoy.

Director: Jonathan Hensleigh, Lexi Alexander

Cast: Thomas Jane, Ray Stevenson, John Travolta, Dominic West, Rebecca Romijn, Doug Hutchison, Roy Scheider, Julie Benz

Fun Stuff: The scene with the explosion in front of the Bank of America building was not adequately publicized and hundreds of people called 911 thinking it was an actual explosion.A close up shot of a bodyguard getting hit in the head with a paper cutter was cut due to the MPAA saying it was “too real”.


The Punisher [2004]

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The Punisher [2008]

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