Here`s an early Kevin Smith flick, but you can definitely clerks see that even then he made great movies, with a very low budget by the way. The entire movie is done in black and white which is actually cool because it gives that vintage look. Two best friends Dante and Randal work dead end jobs in a convenient and video store, one seems to like and the other one does not, he starts with this tag line and then after that just builds on it. They discuss all the important issues in life, and much more often seemingly unimportant stuff. Jokes keep firing at you from the beginning `till the end, and after the movie is finished (if you liked it) you will instantly look for the second part ,which was also great. Jay and Silent Bob are just hilarious, which is consistent with Kevin Smits idea of yin yang character comedy, what else to say but enjoy…

Director: Kevin Smith

Cast: Brian O’Halloran, Jeff Anderson, Jason Mewes, Kevin Smith

Fun Stuff: Financed largely by credit cards and money borrowed from family and friends. Filmed at the same store in which director Kevin Smith was working at the time. As he was only allowed to film outside of business hours, and because bright enough lights couldn’t be afforded, the plot included an explanation for the shutters being always down.


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