Another masterpiece from Kevin Smith, this time the main theme is dogma_ver1 the church with its legends, stories, characters and everything in between. Great script, great actors, well except Matt and Ben, I do not like them that much, but they did their job well.

Women working in abortion clinic has a duty to save mankind from impending inferno, along her way she will meet a bunch of colorful characters, among which Jay and Silent Bob strike put the most. In fact that much that they got a movie of their own Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back from 2001. The main thing about this movie is the story, or should I say blasphemous story, so if you are a bible/god devoted, you better avoid it, others enjoy in this masterpiece.

Director: Kevin Smith

Cast: Linda Fiorentino, Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Jason Lee, Alan Rickman, Chris Rock, Salma Hayek, Jason Mewes, Kevin Smith

Fun Facts: When they heard Alan Rickman was a Chasing Amy (1997) fan, Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier felt confident enough to ask him to play Metatron. He read the script and came back with only two questions: 1) would we stay faithful to the script, and 2) are the wings real or CGI?


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