Now here`s another cute British comedy that you must like. fierce_creatures_ver1This one is filled with great actors, and the leader of the pack is John Cleese. Ultra hot Jamie Lee Curtis and Kevin Kline are there to help, along with the rest of the carefully selected cast. Lots of spoofs on Rupert Murdoch, and the idea to run a zoo like any other business. John Cleese plays Rollo Lee a new manager in a zoo, who is put there to try and make the zoo business more profit able, and to do so he must get rid of all animals that are not fierce(hence the title), so everyone is trying to make their animal look as dangerous as they could. A special treat is the relationship between John and Jamie, where she sees him as sex crazed maniac, and of course she could not be further from the truth. Excellent comedy that`s easy to watch, enjoy.

Directors: Fred Schepisi, Robert Young

Cast: John Cleese, Jamie Lee Curtis, Kevin Kline, Carey Lowell

Fun Facts: Made by the same team as A Fish Called Wanda (1988). The two films have more than 20 cast and crew members in common, including all the major performers from the earlier film (although some of them only have bit parts in this movie).


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