This medieval comedy is coming to us from France. Les visiteursDynamic duo that consist of Jean Reno and Christian Clavier, will travel to future by mistake, and try to set things right, will they succeed, you will see. Another one with guys from the past ends up in future and has to coupe with modern technology and customs. Classical French comedy, with lots of gags, jumping and talking really fast. Script is great and so are production values, you cant really see this from the trailer but they are :D. There are two sequels, so if you like the original you might want to check the rest of the Les Visitours series.

Director: Jean-Marie Poiré

Cast: Christian Clavier, Jean Reno, Bela Grushka, Marie-Anne Chazel

Fun Facts: After the final credits role, stick around for a “Hello to all you credits-lovers!” accompanied by a waving medieval knight.


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