You get these kind of movies from time to time, and this is British version of a movie called The Longest Yard. mean_machine With story set in prison, the guards are torturing the prisoners and probably act no more different, and then the prisoners decide to strike back trough some sport. There`s always a leader and this time he is no other then Vinnie Jones, an actual bully and tough guy.

I mean the guy holds the record for being the quickest player ever to be yellow-carded in a game of professional soccer, he actually played soccer for many years, and played it tough. So if you are looking for some relaxing comedy, with a touch of British humor, this is a movie for you, enjoy.

Director: Barry Skolnick

Cast: Vinnie Jones, Danny Dyer, Jason Statham, David Kelly, Vas Blackwood, John Forgeham

Fun Facts: David Kelly replaced Warren Mitchell.


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