First off great cast, I do not know how they got them all,crossing_over but they did, starting with Harrison Ford and all up to Ray Liotta. Movie deals with destinies of immigrants in United States of America and their struggle to get a green card. They covered most of the immigrant groups, although I did not see any Russians are speaking Russian English and trying to be Americans. Classic “we must pay attention to this problem” type of movie, but with okay story and great cast, only it’s sort of mainstream oriented to educated middle class people in their thirties. To sweeten the deal they put megahot Alice Eve to play sexy Australian immigrant. You already know, she`s almost naked thought the movie (perfect breasts). One of those movies that you show to your girlfriend and say it’s a drama about people`s lives, and you know that you will get some quality nudity. Anywhoo check it out, if for nothing else then for Alice Eve, and her body…

Director: Wayne Kramer

Cast: Harrison Ford, Ray Liotta, Ashley Judd, Jim Sturgess, Alice Eve

Fun Stuff: In the story robbery scene the word fuck is said 39 times. Director Wayne Kramer’s original cut was 140 minutes long; but despite having the right to final cut, this films’ producer agreed to be involved in editing the film down to two hours when Harvey Weinstein allegedly threatened to release the film straight to DVD


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