Deeply provoking flick, with the intention of bringingNothing Is Privite attention to the sexual life of teenagers and getting that wow effect, you know, when you say I cant believe that they did that, and there are a lot of these scenes in this movie. I mean, you have Aaron Eckhart grouping the breasts of the 13 year old girl(although she is played by a nineteen year old actress Summer Bishil), and lots more.

Jasira Maroun is a thirteen year old girl with divorced parents and a growing and unassailable sexual appetite. She is exploring her sexuality and various situations related to women in a strict environment, created by her overprotective father. Pretty good flick with good subjects, and plenty of sexual content. Enjoy.

Director: Alan Ball

Cast: Summer Bishil, Peter Macdissi, Aaron Eckhart, Carrie Preston

Fun Facts: Actress Summer Bishil turned 18 before filming started, allowing her to play the 13 year old, sexually overactive Jasira without any restrictions as to what she could do or show in the movie.


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