Infamous Roman Polanski (Sharon Tate, his wife was murderedoliver_twist by Charles Manson, convicted of raping 13-year old girl, wrote screenplay for Rosemary`s baby, one of the occult movies of the sixties) directed this adaptation of classic Charles Dickens novel. Starring Ben Kingsley, this movie is a must see, if for nothing else than not to be excluded from discussions regarding the book. Great acting, good production values and awesome Ben Kingley as Fagin, could we ask for more? Above all this movie is not boring (no singing numbers, classical storytelling and everything else you see in TV adaptations), so enjoy it.

Director: Roman Polanski

Cast: Barney Clark, Ian McNeice, Michael Heath, Ben Kingley

Fun Facts: The set was so huge that Roman Polanski rode around it on a motorized scooter.


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