This movie looks pretty good for a TV movie, has that nice, shiny feel to it.mv5bmtizmjiymjkynv5bml5banbnxkftztcwndm0ndawmg_v1_sx281_sy400_ It’s based on a book by Terry Pratchett and set in the world of magic, sorcerers, damsels in distress and brave heroes. Excellent British humor, and very good cast lead by David Jason and Tim Curry, completes this TV masterpiece perfect for Sunday afternoon. Twoflower is a tourist in a magical world Discworld, and he got a pretty weird guy to the city state of Ankh Morpork. Check it out you won’t be disappointed. Enjoy.

Director: Vadim Jean

Cast: David Jason, Sean Astin, Tim Curry, Jeremy Irons, Christopher Lee

Fun Stuff: Both Sean Astin (Twoflower) and Sir David Jason (Rincewind) are long-term Pratchett fans. Jason named The Colour of Magic as his choice of favourite book of all time in the BBC’s Big Read survey.


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