Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman are a couple with somestrangers_ver4 relationship issues, when they decide to spend a night in their summer house things go wrong. I got to tell you, first 45 minutes of the movie I felt such anxiety, but after that it kind of disappeared. I`m guessing that happened because first have of the movie looks and feels so real, that’s its really scary, but after that it kind of waters down to the usual clichés. And by the way I was really intrigued by that based on true events thingy, so I did a little googlin` and found that actually story of this movie is actually a blend of three separate true events, mixed together in this movie. Still even if it were totally fictional it’s still pretty scary. Enjoy.

Director: Bryan Bertino

Cast: Liv Tyler, Scott Speedman, Glenn Howerton

Fun Stuff: The film was shot entirely with hand-held cameras or steady cams. Every shot has some camera movement. Loosely based on the 1981 Keddie Resort murders in northern California.


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