Another classic “some killers are trying to kill us in somevacancy remote motel”. Kate Beckinsale and Luke Wilson (Jesus Zombie Christ, like they would hook up in real life, I still remember Luke From X-Files as bucktooth sheriff) are a young couple that finds themselves stranded in some old motel surrounded by killers who are watching they every move. Although it’s a classic story, they still pulled of pretty good vibe to the movie, so it’s pretty watchable. There are some really intense scenes and nice story twists, but it still it do not rises above the standards of the genre. If you like this type of movies you won’t be disappointed, and then again if you`re looking for a little more aerie movie, I guess its time to check out Martyrs, Inside…

Director: Nimród Antal

Cast: Kate Beckinsale, Luke Wilson, Ethan Embry, Frank Whaley

Fun Stuff: Sarah Jessica Parker was originally selected for the film, but dropped out and was replaced by Kate Beckinsale.


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