This movie itself is very controversial to begin with.Shot with the home video cameraAugust Underground and directed in such way that it looks like it is not directed at all, for it is supposed to represent a sick video documentary of two serial killers and their killings. As always in this genre, you will find extreme gore and violence, depicted quite realistically due to the above mentioned type of filming.

Some people find it very disturbing due to its content, and to others it seems like a failed experiment. My personal opinion is that it`s not that good, but still worth a viewing, and by viewing I mean that you start to watch it and if you find it too gruesome or boring, just switch it of. It is a nice insight into what actually might go on with these demented lunatics. There has been two sequels with almost the same story, so if you like you might wanna check them out.

Director: Fred Vogel

Cast: Kyle Dealman, Joe Knetter, Andrew Lauer, Ben LaBonte, Aaron LaBonte, Alexa Iris

Fun Facts: Who knows…

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