This Stephen King milking movie is lets say OK. It`s better Dolan's Cadillac then average that`s for sure, but the story seems stretched out, maybe because this was a short story and did not have that many elements to make a full 90 minute movie. And one more thing I did not like and that`s the main actor Wes Bentley or Robinson in the movie.

He keeps the same frowned face throughout the movie, it does not matter what is going on he will not move his face muscles. But there`s Christian Slater with his magnificent performance. Otherwise, movie is good, it keeps your attention, story is good, and movie looks real good, like high budget TV movie made for movie theaters(it does not make sense to me either, but once you ave seen it you will know what am i talking about.

Director: Jeff Beesley

Cast: Christian Slater, Emmanuelle Vaugier, Wes Bentley, Greg Bryk, Al Sapienza

Fun Facts: Sylvester Stallone was originally slated to play the role of Jimmy Dolan. He was later replaced with Christian Slater.


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