This fast paced drug related thriller just blew go me away when I first saw it. Interesting subject, of course and a storytelling that keeps the viewer occupied, since it is told from three different viewpoints. Of course, there is a ton of movies that deal with this way of story-telling, so that is not really original but it`s quite interesting.

Good actors (hell, there`s Katie Holmes in lead role, when Tom saw this she got a spanking), interesting story with lots of jokes, but still intense. This movie is not A list material but it is certainly worth a viewing. If you like movies like Spun or Trainspotting, this is a definite must see, enjoy.

Director: Doug Liman

Cast: Katie Holmes, Sarah Polley, Suzanne Krull, Desmond Askew, Nathan Bexton, William Fichtner

Fun Facts: Although it’s not necessarily the reason for the title, “go” is common slang for speed (Methamphetamine).


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