This movie was a total surprise to me, I expected mr_brooks_ver2predictable, classic story of serial killer and instead I got a pretty decent thriller with great cast, and with that my trust in Kevin Costner. Movie is full of little twists and intelligent and well carried out scenes. Mr. Brooks is a successful business man with a loving wife and daughter, but he has secret, that he is not yet willing to share. He wants to stop his killing urges, but someone does not let him to do that. Almost perfect, if the one of the last scenes with his daughter ended that way it would be ubercool, but it’s still an excellent flick, enjoy.

Director: Bruce A. Evans

Cast: Kevin Costner, Demi Moore, Dane Cook, William Hurt, Marg Helgenberger

Fun Facts: According to interviews with Kevin Costner, this is supposedly the first movie in a trilogy.


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  1. Dajazzz

    Yes i am so pleased this movie is reviewed here.
    I watched it yesterday (31.12.09) and was so stunned about this masterpiece. So now i wanted to know if it was already on RR. This proves again for me that this site is brilliant and has indeed superb reviews of movies.

    I recommend Mr brooks to everybody. The acting is just so fine!


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