Here`s another movie about murders streamed live untraceable_ver3on the Internet (you`re not a cool serial killer unless you stream your murders and have a facebook page) and detectives who are trying to figure out who is the killer and stop him before he claims another victim. Yes, there`s nothing new in this movie, everything you`ve seen before in this types of movies is here, but all the elements are blended perfectly together so it’s really not boring you as you watch it. Good production values, good cast, and ok story make this movie pretty good, if you like this type of movies, you won`t be disappointed with this one. Enjoy.

Director: Gregory Hoblit

Cast: Diane Lane, Billy Burke, Colin Hanks, Peter Lewis

Fun Stuff: The site used by the killer ( actually exists. It’s owned by the movie studio and it’s used to promote the movie. In it, users are taken to a replica of the FBI computer used by the character Jennifer Marsh. Her desktop gets hacked by the killer who provides the visitor with four test he/she must complete to deactivate his site.


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