Reign of Fire [2002] Movie Review Recommendation

Reign of Fire [2002]

Poor Rob Bowman, this movie along with Elektra, released three years later, pushed him to the fringes of Hollywood. He worked on so many cult classics dealing with innovative and strange stories like Alien...
Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li [2009] Movie Review Recommendation

Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li [2009]

After the first Street Fighter movie from 1994 with Jean-Claude Van Damme I thought that they will let this brand go to waste, but with the release of the new Street Fighter video game they decided to make...
Taken [2008] Movie Review Recommendation

Taken [2008]

Sometimes weird shit happens. One thing leads to another and soon you've got a worldwide hit that no one expected. Taken was imagined as a standard issue thriller, as Luc Besson (Fifth Element, Taxi, Leon)...
Trainspotting [1993] Movie Review Recommendation

Trainspotting [1993]

Choose life. Choose a job. Choose a career. Choose a family. Choose a fucking big television, Choose washing machines, cars, compact disc players, and electrical tin openers. Choose good health, low...
Leon 1994 Movie Jean Reno holding a gun and looking through spyhole

Léon [1994]

Stylish and very engaging, Leon is one of those atmospheric and smooth nineties movies that are the stuff of legends now. A definite cult classic.
The Hitcher [2007] Movie Review Recommendation

The Hitcher [2007]

I guess I missed the memo regarding the original movie The Hitcher from 1986 starring Rutger Hauer that says that this is the best movie of all times and that it should not be remade under any circumstances....
Spawn [1997] Movie Review Recommendation

Spawn [1997]

When I first watched Spawn, I was relatively young and it made a hell of an impression on me. It was visually stunning, featuring that combination of zany and menacing that I felt was deeply appealing,...
Shoot 'Em Up [2007] Movie Review Recommendation

Shoot ‘Em Up [2007]

In case you were wondering what kind of movie is this, the answers lie in the title. It's not Shoot Them Up, it's Shoot 'Em Up, announcing the bloodshed that's about to happen. This is one of those guilty...
Oldboy [2003] Movie Review Recommendation

Oldboy [2003]

I hope that you will overcome language differences and see this South Korean movie, because it's a fucking master piece. First of all, do not watch the version with the English dub because you simply need to...
Push [2009] Movie Review Recommendation

Push [2009]

Imagine X-Men done with a different vibe and aimed at younger audiences and you'll have a pretty good idea of what Push really is. Although this sounds pretty harsh, movie is actually quite entertaining,...
The Mexican 2001 Movie Brad Pitt as Jerry Welbach driving a car and hugging Julia Roberts as Samantha Barzel

The Mexican [2001]

Remember those movies that had a carefree vibe but still managed to keep you really engaged? The Mexican is a movie like that.
Death Race [2008] Movie Review Recommendation

Death Race [2008]

Here`s another Jason Statham action, tough guy flick. This time he's moving in on Vin Diesels territory with a car racing movie, so he better watch out. This is a remake of a 1975 classic Death Race 2000, and...
Max Payne [2008] Movie Review Recommendation

Max Payne [2008]

They chose Mark Wahlberg to play Max Payne, a troubled police detective, haunted by the memories of his dead family... Not the smartest thing. Yeah, he looks like him, but he just does not have the capacity to...