Captain Ron 1992 Movie Kurt Russell and Martin Short

Captain Ron [1992]

Forget about your troubles and let Captain Ron take you on an easygoing, sun-soaked adventure in this awesome mainstream comedy starring Kurt Russell and Martin Short.
Bloody Hell 2020 Movie Ben O'Toole as Rex on top of Pati stabbing stabbing him

Bloody Hell [2020]

Gory, engaging, and just the right amount over-the-top, Bloody Hell is a bizarrely funny Australian horror comedy with the right tone and attitude.
Clockwise 1986 Movie John Cleese realizing he's in a wrong train

Clockwise [1986]

Endearing and driven by John Cleese's hilarious performance, Clockwise is a mainstream and wholesome road trip adventure movie worth watching.
Toc Toc 2017 Movie Paco León as Emilio, Oscar Martínez as Federico, Alexandra Jiménez as Blanca and Rossy de Palma as Ana María

Toc Toc [2017]

Original, refreshing, and funny, Toc Toc is a fast-paced Spanish comedy about several patients with OCD all mistakenly scheduled for the same time.
Vive La France 2013 Movie Michaël Youn as Ferouz and José Garcia as Muzafar laughing

Vive La France [2013]

So hilarious that it's sometimes even offensive, Vive La France is a non-stop laughs comedy about two inept terrorist's misfortunes in France.
Yankee Zulu 1993 Movie Leon Schuster as Rhino and John Matshikiza as Zulu sitting on a plank with an elephant on the other side

Yankee Zulu [1993]

Hilarious, unhinged, and heartwarming, Yankee Zulu is an underrated South Afrikan comedy with a lot of slapstick humor exploring friendship and racism.
Raya and The Last Dragon 2021 Movie Dragon Sisu and Raya on the boat

Raya and the Last Dragon [2021]

Visually mind-blowing, Raya and The Last Dragon is exactly the type of Disney animated movie you expected featuring a predictable story and great cast.
After Hours 1985 Movie Griffin Dunne giving a massage to sexy and half nude Linda Fiorentino

After Hours [1985]

Immersive and vibrant, After Hours is a dark and almost surreal comedy taking place during one crazy night where anything that can happen will happen.