Bottle Rocket 1996 Movie Owen Wilson holding a Colt Anaconda after a shooting practice in a field

Bottle Rocket [1996]

As one of the rare quirky indie comedies that are not irritating and egocentric, Bottle Rocket is a delightfully easygoing and vibrant heist movie.
Freaky 2020 Movie Kathryn Newton, Celeste O'Connor and Misha Osherovich

Freaky [2020]

Entertaining and deliciously bloody, Freaky is a refreshing take on the body-switch theme with engaging performances by Vince Vaughn and Kathryn Newton.
Soul 2020 Movie Jamie Foxx as Joe Gardner teaching class

Soul [2020]

As the most mature and adult Pixar movie, Soul might not be that entertaining but features an engaging story with all too necessary life lessons.
Seven Psychopaths 2012 Movie Sam Rockwell holding a small dog and Colin Farrell

Seven Psychopaths [2012]

Quirky, funny, and with a phenomenal cast, Seven Psychopaths is not a movie for everyone. However, if you're looking for an authentic experience you found it!

Onward [2020]

Onward is a standard-issue high-quality Pixar movie with beautiful animation and an engaging story that will be fun for both the kids and adults.

The Big Bird Cage [1972]

If you've never heard of the sexploitation subgenre, The Big Bird Cage is a great way to get to know it. It features an easygoing atmosphere, an exotic setting and just the right amounts of sleaze.
Eurovision Song Contest The Story of Fire Saga 2020 Movie Will Ferrell dressed as a viking superhero and Rachel McAdams in a fancy dress playing keyboards

Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga [2020]

If you're not familiar with the Eurovision Song Contest, this is the perfect way to learn more about it. And if you already know and have seen this competition, The Story of Fire Saga will be that much funnier. So, if you're looking for some pure escapism that will leave you in a good mood, I recommend you check out this movie.
Miami Bici 2020 Movie Matei Dima and Codin Maticiuc on a boat putting on sunscreen

Miami Bici [2020]

Sometimes you just want to watch a simple movie without any lasting value. Miami Bici is exactly that movie. It's superficial, most of the actors don't know how to act and jokes don't work half of the time. But hey, at least it looks cool.
Palm Springs 2020 Movie Andy Samberg and Cristin Milioti sitting by the pool and drinking beer

Palm Springs [2020]

Sometimes mainstream comedies actually turn out pretty good and Palm Springs is one of them. It features familiar concepts and characters but still manages to stay entertaining and refreshing.
Reality 2014 Movie Alain Chabat sitting in a chair and groaning and screaming into a Dictaphone trying to record the perfect take

Reality AKA Réalité [2014]

Tired of movies that all look and feel the same? You want to try something new and different? Check out Reality, a French/Belgian slow-burning comedy that will break your mind. This is a perfect movie if you're having people over and want to blow their minds or engage them in conversation.
Down 2001 Movie Edward Herrmann in an elevator looking at a bloody dead body hanging upside down

Down AKA The Shaft [2001]

If you or anyone you know are afraid of elevators, then Down is the movie for you. This is an entertaining black comedy/horror about a possessed elevator.
Boar 2017 Movie John Jarratt and Roger Ward with a rifle aiming at the monster boar scene

Boar [2017]

A flawed but entertaining horror-comedy about a giant boar killing people in the Australian outback with familiar Aussie actors and decent special effects.
The Dirt 2019 Movie Daniel Webber as Vince Neil on stage singing as we follow the show from Tommy Lee's perspective or point of view

The Dirt [2019]

Unashamedly entertaining, shallow, and hedonistic, The Dirt encapsulates that wild spirit of the eighties fueled by sex, drugs, alcohol, and great music.
Yummy 2019 Movie Maaike Neuville, Bart Hollanders and Benjamin Ramon

Yummy [2019]

Yummy is a simple answer to a question when's the last time you saw a good zombie comedy. Gory, hilarious, and sleek-looking, it's just so much fun.
The Binge 2020 Movie Dexter Darden as Hags and Eduardo Franco as Andrew smoking weed while driving

The Binge [2020]

If I had to describe The Binge using just two words, those words would be mindless fun. This is raunchy albeit flawed comedy with a good vibe.