Sightseers [2012] Movie Review Recommendation

Sightseers [2012]

Strange British road trip extravaganza with a lot of black humor and heart. Beautifully shot and with a great cast, it's a refreshing and entertaining.
Monsters University [2013] Movie Various Monsters attending class scene

Monsters University [2013]

By-the-book Pixar movie about our two favorite monsters, this time attending university. It's basically Animal House but without the profanity.
+1 [2013] Movie Review Recommendation

+1 [2013]

Entertaining indie science fiction movie with a healthy dose of comedy and horror. Think Superbad meets Donnie Darko, but with a secret twist.
The Ref [1994] Movie Kevin Spacey and Judy Davis looking at the intruder for the first time

The Ref [1994]

Christmas-themed black comedy with great actors and phenomenal dialogue. It also discusses a lot of interesting issues like marriage, love, and crime.
That's My Boy [2012] Movie Andy Samberg, Adam Sandler and Vanilla Ice eating dinner late

That’s My Boy [2012]

One of the best Sandler's comedies with a lot of raunchy jokes and explicit content. It also doubles as an eighties extravaganza, double trouble!
This Is the End [2013] Movie Review Recommendation

This Is the End [2013]

This is the End sounds horrible on paper, like something that was written by a couple of friends while smoking weed and drinking (actually happened), but I can honestly say that this is one of the best movies...
We're the Millers [2013] Movie Review Recommendation

We’re the Millers [2013]

I'm sure that you heard by now about the famous striptease by Jennifer Aniston, the focal point of this movie. Starring Rachel and that guy that's in all the comedies lately (Jason Sudeikis), We're the...
Pain & Gain [2013] Movie Review Recommendation

Pain & Gain [2013]

Although the genre that I selected for this movie is comedy, there are a lot of things in Pain & Gain that are not funny, not funny at all (but they will still make you laugh). It's very difficult to make...
The Wackness [2008] Movie Review Recommendation

The Wackness [2008]

Thanks to the recommendation by Mr. Wael Bekdach I finally watched The Wackness a couple of nights ago and was blown away. As Wael already promised it had everything I like in a movie: copious amounts of weed,...
Pawn Shop Chronicles [2013] Movie Review Recommendation

Pawn Shop Chronicles [2013]

It's really difficult to determine the genre for movies like this, its's got action, horror and comedy all wrapped up with a nice Texas background. Also, there's a lot of driving, but I think that by now you...
The Campaign [2012] Movie Review Recommendation

The Campaign [2012]

The Campaign, a political movie that's supposed to be funny, why I should watch something like that, when I don't follow politics? This is exactly the reason why should check it out. We are all very...
The Croods [2013] Movie Review Recommendation

The Croods [2013]

Another generic animated mess that's supposed to hit the targeted demographic, I thought to myself, but The Croods turned out to be a great movie. Granted, there's a lot of arm waving, uncoordinated movement,...
The Watch [2012] Movie Review Recommendation

The Watch [2012]

I mentioned, in some of the previous reviews, movies that are actually products, meant for one or two uses, discarded and then forgotten. The Watch is one of those movies, and it's clear how it was made and...