Flight [2012] Movie Review Recommendation

Flight [2012]

When someone is really good in his work, no matter what role or genre he chooses, the movie will end up as something that will be remembered. Robert Zemeckis, known mostly for his action/comedy movies has...
Sleeping Beauty [2011] Movie Review Recommendation

Sleeping Beauty [2011]

A thought-provoking erotic thriller about a young and nihilist girl caught up in a world of high-class perverts that will make you both aroused and disgusted
A Dangerous Method [2011] Movie Review Recommendation

A Dangerous Method [2011]

After four long years we finally have a new Cronenberg movie... A Dangerous Method is based on a novel/play/true events surrounding Jung, Freud, and their patient Sabina Spielrein. Lets begin with the story...
Rabbit Hole [2010] Movie Review Recommendation

Rabbit Hole [2010]

Dealing with a loss of a loved ones is a very difficult thing and one of the worst events that a person can experience is a loss of a child. Rabbit Hole is a movie based on a play by David Lindsay-Abaire,...
A Single Man [2009] Movie Review Recommendation

A Single Man [2009]

If you liked Colin Firth's performance in Kings Speech, you will like this movie too. Based on a novel by Christopher Isherwood, A Single Man examines the life of man after a terrible personal loss. Set in...
50/50 [2011] Movie Review Recommendation

50/50 [2011]

If you wanna be scared to shit of cancer you might wanna check out this movie, especially because it's based on a true story.  Joseph Gordon-Levitt in his endless efforts to escape from 3rd Rock from the Sun,...
Handsome Harry [2009] Movie Review Recommendation

Handsome Harry [2009]

Well, here's a little detour into a world of drama, and Handsome Harry is a movie that is targeting a lot of groups. There are no notable achievements behind the director and writer but they managed to create...
Quills 2000 Movie Geoffrey Rush as Marquis de Sade laying on a cupboard with his arms stretched

Quills [2000]

For the longest time, I couldn't force myself to watch Quills, expecting it to be too intricate and attention-demanding. Oh boy, how I was wrong. This is a beautifully directed 2000 movie starring phenomenal...
John Q [2002] Movie Review Recommendation

John Q [2002]

Directed by Nick Cassavetes (Alpha Dog, She's So Lovely, My Sister's Keeper) John Q is a rather controversial movie about health-care in America. It seems that this movie has been pushed aside due to its...
Before the Devil Knows You're Dead [2007] Movie Review Recommendation

Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead [2007]

This is Sidney Lumet's (Serpico, Dog Day Afternoon, Find Me Guilty) last movie, and it's certainly worth watching. It belongs to the category of movies where things just go wrong for the characters, and unlike...
Another Year [2010] Movie Review Recommendation

Another Year [2010]

I know that you are used to seeing different types of movies here, but Another Year was just too good to pass up. It is a beautifully directed, shot, acted and written story of life and everything else. It is...
Trust [2010] Movie Review Recommendation

Trust [2010]

Ross from Friends directing a movie about child abuse, are you fucking kidding me? Oh, how I was wrong about him, because this turned out to be one of the best movies that I have seen in a last few months....
An American Crime 2007 Movie Catherine Keener looking at Ellen Page as she's about to start beating her scene

An American Crime [2007]

A harrowing drama based on the true story of Sylvia Likens with incredibly strong performances by Ellen Page and Catherine Keener is an intense experience.
Hereafter [2010] Movie Review Recommendation

Hereafter [2010]

Another good movie from Clint Eastwood, who could have thought that Dirty Harry would be such a great director. Although, if you compare this movie to the rest of his, you could notice the decline in quality,...
Luther [2003] Movie Review Recommendation

Luther [2003]

Although religion is not my cup of tea, I found this movie to be fascinating. It is full of positive contrasts and things that are rarely seen in movies of this genre. First of all, Luther had a big budget...