Blow [2001] Movie Review Recommendation

Blow [2001]

Based on a book "Blow: How a Small Town Boy Made $100 Million with the Medellín Cocaine Cartel and Lost It All", written by Bruce Porter, Blow is a movie about George Jung, a cocaine smuggler who was one of...
American History X [1998] Movie Review Recommendation

American History X [1998]

This is one of two best movies about skinheads and their subculture. The other one is, of course, Australian masterpiece Romper Stomper, starring Russel Crowe. This is England and Made in Britain starring...
Romper Stomper [1992] Movie Review Recommendation

Romper Stomper [1992]

As I previously mentioned, this movie and American History X are the two best movies about skinheads. While the latter deals with a more structuralized skinhead architecture, Romper Stomper shows us the side...
Ken Park [2002] Movie Review Recommendation

Ken Park [2002]

This is another Larry Clark fucked up movie, this time with lots of nudity and strong sexual content. The first one was Kids, a controversial story about a group of teenagers in New York City doing all kinds...
Kids [1995] Movie Review Recommendation

Kids [1995]

When you're talking about cult movies, Larry Clark's Kids is one of the most notable examples. Shot in 1995, it's an uncensored story about a group of teenagers and their daily activities. Those activities...
Head in the Clouds [2004] Movie Review Recommendation

Head in the Clouds [2004]

What a sexy duet, Charlize Theron and Penélope Cruz, I guess they are pretty much everyone's reason to watch this romantic movie, including me. This is a guilty pleasure movie, much like all those Emily...
Mysterious Skin [2004] Movie Review Recommendation

Mysterious Skin [2004]

When we're talking about coming-of-age movies, they are usually light comedies like Dazed and Confused or The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Next up are relatively fucked up movies like The Chumscrubber and...
Glengarry Glen Ross [1992] Movie Review Recommendation

Glengarry Glen Ross [1992]

When I first saw this movie, it totally blew me away. At that time, I was into zombies, zany comedies and dramas like this one were simply out of my sight. I don't know what possessed me to check out this...
Citizen X [1995] Movie Review Recommendation

Citizen X [1995]

Here's proof that movies made for TV can be phenomenal. Yes, this is one of those movies with a cheap-looking cover and budget-vibe, and yes there are some stupid elements in it (like the backwardness of the...
Nothing Is Private [2007] Movie Review Recommendation

Nothing Is Private [2007]

Based on a book written by Alicia Erian and directed by Alan Ball, Nothing is Private is one of those provocative movies that you can play for your uptight friends in order to make them uncomfortable. I mean,...
Trainspotting [1993] Movie Review Recommendation

Trainspotting [1993]

Choose life. Choose a job. Choose a career. Choose a family. Choose a fucking big television, Choose washing machines, cars, compact disc players, and electrical tin openers. Choose good health, low...
The Hurricane [1999] Movie Review Recommendation

The Hurricane [1999]

This is another Denzel movie, so you can be sure it will be engaging. Based on a true story about Rubin "Hurricane" Carter, a successful black boxer who was charged and sentenced for murders he did not commit,...
Man to Man 2005 Movie Hugh Bonneville measuring the skull of the pygmy they have captured in his cell scene

Man to Man [2005]

A hidden gem that deals with the issue of racism through the eyes of scientists who believe that pigmies are the link between humans and apes.
Oliver Twist [2005] Movie Review Recommendation

Oliver Twist [2005]

When you play this adaptation of the world renown novel, one thing becomes perfectly clear: this is a perfectly balanced movie. It's not too tacky, aggressive, overly zealous or anything like that, but...
Friends with Money 2006 Movie Jennifer Aniston as Olivia in a sexy french maid outfit

Friends with Money [2006]

Friends with Money is a movie life, marriage, and everything in between. Focusing on long-term relationships, it can be both thought-provoking and funny.