Hereditary 2018 Movie Toni Collette shining a flashlight in her attic

Hereditary [2018]

Hereditary features a very well-thought-out story and incredible character development. This is not your usual jump-scare horror movie but a visceral and haunting tragedy with overwhelming black humor undertones.
The Pack 2015 Movie Anna Lise Phillips holding her hand on a window with Jack Campbell, Katie Moore and Hamish Phillips standing beside her

The Pack [2015]

To complete the list of animals that can attack and kill you in Australia, The Pack adds vicious and bloodthirsty wild dogs. This is an effective little horror movie featuring a family trapped on their farm by, you guessed it, a pack of wild dogs.
The House of the Devil 2009 Movie Jocelin Donahue in jeans and plaid shirt looking towards the door of the house

The House of the Devil [2009]

Moody and atmospheric, The House of the Devil is a slow-burning horror with extremely strong eighties vibes. Written and directed by very talented Ti West, The House of the Devil is not a horror movie for everybody.
Dark Side of the Moon 1990 Movie Robert Sampson and Will Bledsoe in spacesuits exploring the abandoned spaceship

The Dark Side Of The Moon [1990]

It's the little things that I find amusing, like people smoking aboard a spaceship, a staple of the eighties and nineties science fiction movies. Plus a female android dressed in vinyl because it looks futuristic and not as a dominatrix.
The Babysitter 2017 Movie Samara Weaving as Bee close up smiling and looking beautiful

The Babysitter [2017]

If you're hungry for those old school and bloody slashers of the eighties, The Babysitter will satisfy all your murderous desires. It's delightfully blood-squirting gory, sexy and pacy, with a lot of humor.

The Believers [1987]

The Believers is a slow-burner following an investigation about a series of ritualistic murders of children in New York and a man who got too close to the case.
Castle Freak 1995 Movie Jonathan Fuller as Giorgio with a bloody mouth and full of scars about to attack Jessica Dollarhide

Castle Freak [1995]

Gory, authentic, and unsettling, Castle Freak will exceed your expectation with well-developed characters, a tragic story, and an intense atmosphere.
Bad Moon 1996 Movie Werewolf showing his teeth and gnarling at man

Bad Moon [1996]

If you're looking for odd and original movies about werewolves, look no further than Bad Moon that has it all plus awesome practical effects and make-up.
Down 2001 Movie Edward Herrmann in an elevator looking at a bloody dead body hanging upside down

Down AKA The Shaft [2001]

If you or anyone you know are afraid of elevators, then Down is the movie for you. This is an entertaining black comedy/horror about a possessed elevator.
The Rift 1990 Movie R. Lee Ermey, Ray Wise and Deborah Adair looking at the progress of others on a submarine screen

The Rift [1990]

If you're a fan of eighties underwater movies check out The Rift, a charmingly stereotypical movie with decent practical effects and good pacing.
Shakma 1990 Movie Jaws of a killer baboon open dripping with blood as Amanda Wyss is standing in the hallway

Shakma [1990]

Shakma would be just another cheesy B movie slasher from the eighties if it were not for its main star, a killer baboon who will scare the shit out of you!
Boar 2017 Movie John Jarratt and Roger Ward with a rifle aiming at the monster boar scene

Boar [2017]

A flawed but entertaining horror-comedy about a giant boar killing people in the Australian outback with familiar Aussie actors and decent special effects.