Tusk [2014] Movie Review Recommendation

Tusk [2014]

Authentic and thought-provoking, Tusk is a strange horror movie that doesn't take itself seriously featuring creative dialogue and graphic and gory scenes.
Kill List [2011] Movie Review Recommendation

Kill List [2011]

A disturbing, realistic, and very intense journey into the dark world of crime that you must not miss. It is calling for you from the depths of depravity.
Isolation [2005] Movie Ruth Negga going through the farmhouse for milking scene

Isolation [2005]

Irish horror extravaganza set on a remote farm where there's something strange going with cows. Think Alien meets The Thing and check out this movie.
Mama [2013] Movie Jessica Chastain and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau protecting the children from the entity ending scene

Mama [2013]

With so many haunting and exorcism movies coming out this year, Mama had a tough competition but still managed to come on top. Reminiscent of those old school horror movies, with an almost eighties vibe but...
World War Z [2013] Movie Review Recommendation

World War Z [2013]

Phaaaamp!!! Phaaaaaaaaaamp!!! Phaaaaaaaamp!!!!! I just love that sound that appears right in the middle of some epic wide shot, usually of aliens attacking the earth or in this case zombies. It seems that...
The Conjuring [2013] Movie Review Recommendation

The Conjuring [2013]

James Wan, James Wan, wait a minute, I know that guy! Yeah, he directed Insidious and already a cult classic Saw , this should be good. And it is, with this movie he established himself as the master of house...
The Purge [2013] Movie Review Recommendation

The Purge [2013]

I know I've been saying this a lot lately, but what a great movie! It would seem that more and more people with great scripts and ideas have been getting funding for their projects. James DeMonaco (Jack, The...
The Rambler [2013] Movie Review Recommendation

The Rambler [2013]

I really wanted this movie to be phenomenal, the setup was really good: Texas wasteland, comic-book characters and a story that combines horror and comedy into one potent mixture. Alas, The Rambler turned out...
Texas Chainsaw 3D [2013] Movie Review Recommendation

Texas Chainsaw 3D [2013]

Is it, is it really? The third remake? Well, yes it is, Texas Chainsaw 3D is the third attempt to recreate Tobe Hooper's masterpiece from 1974, directed by John Luessenhop (Lockdown, Takers). This movie was...
The Corridor [2010] Movie Review Recommendation

The Corridor [2010]

When I first saw the poster for this movie and read something about the story I thought: wait, what, is this Dreamcatcher? It would seem that the setting is same, a group of friends go up to the cabin in the...
Dead Mine [2012] Movie Review Recommendation

Dead Mine [2012]

By now we are used to seeing all sorts of horrors coming to us from Asia, but they all had one thing in common, they were seriously fucked up, with rare exceptions. Dead Mine, an Indonesian medium budget movie...