The Lobster 2015 Movie Review Recommendation Breakfast

The Lobster [2015]

A weird dystopian black comedy with great performances and complex story that serves as an allegory for our current life.
Mad Max: Fury Road [2015] Movie Review Recommendation

Mad Max: Fury Road [2015]

Oh my fucking god! After watching this movie, I had to wake up from this coma induced by crappy movies. Before I go on, I just have to address a serious number of crappy movies that came out in the past few...
Red Dawn [2012] Movie Review Recommendation

Red Dawn [2012]

This movie didn't make it in the regular review section, but instead ended up in the random mainstream crappy movie category. The only reason why I am including it in the reviews is to try to counterbalance...
Sleeping Beauty [2011] Movie Review Recommendation

Sleeping Beauty [2011]

A thought-provoking erotic thriller about a young and nihilist girl caught up in a world of high-class perverts that will make you both aroused and disgusted
Total Recall [2012] Movie Review Recommendation

Total Recall [2012]

This is really getting old, they release a remake of an already perfect movie from 80/90-ties and then I start trashing it. Dear lord was this a mistake, I bet that poor Philip K. Dick is rolling in his grave...
The Book of Eli [2010] Movie Review Recommendation

The Book of Eli [2010]

I was so disappointed after the movie was finished... And that feeling was enhanced by that awesome first part of the movie. Bleak, post-apocalyptic world, where there is no religion and every man fights for...
Alice in Wonderland [2010] Movie Review Recommendation

Alice in Wonderland [2010]

In this case I must join the popular opinion: visually stunning, but lacks the story and the heart. And this is a stretch also, I mean, I know that the effects are amazing but they are supposed to HELP the...
The Fourth Kind [2009] Movie Review Recommendation

The Fourth Kind [2009]

Here's one more in the sea of horror movies supposedly based on true events. If you want to enjoy in this movie, please see it now and do not read what is about to follow (as one of the imdb comments...
Vicky Cristina Barcelona [2008] Movie Review Recommendation

Vicky Cristina Barcelona [2008]

I do not like Woody Allen movies. There, I said it. I guess I can't get past the characters that seem so delightfully lost in their own ignorance that they just irritate me immensely. Basically these are all...