The Lodge 2019 Movie Scene Riley Keough as Grace helping Lia McHugh as Mia Hall get her toy

The Lodge [2019]

If you're looking for a classic psychological thriller with some creepy horror elements and a great ending, The Lodge is a good choice.
Rat Race 2001 Movie Scene Vince Vieluf as Blaine and Seth Green as Duane trying to get away from a monster truck coming to hit them

Rat Race [2001]

Entertaining, memorable, and charming, Rat Race is one of those hilarious fast-paced road comedies you can watch over and over again.
The Asphalt Jungle 1950 Movie Scene Sam Jaffe as Doc hearing alarms go off during the heist

The Asphalt Jungle [1950]

The Asphalt Jungle rivals any modern heist movie offering a look into the gritty world of crime in the fifties and engaging storytelling.
Guns Akimbo 2019 Movie Scene Daniel Radcliffe as Miles in his bathrobe waving guns bolted to his hands and screaming at police

Guns Akimbo [2019]

Built around a familiar deadly tournament premise, Guns Akimbo is a violent, funny, and stylish action extravaganza with frenetic pacing.
Against The Wall 1994 Movie Scene Kyle MacLachlan as Michael Smith after he sprayed an inmate talking to Frederic Forrest as Weisbad

Against The Wall [1994]

Based on fascinating true events, Against The Wall is an incredibly well-crafted and thought-provoking prison movie with relentless pacing.
The Revenant 2009 Movie Scene David Anders as Bart getting his eyes checked at the hospital after finding out that he's undead

The Revenant [2009]

Despite being a bit messy and too long, The Revenant from 2009 is a refreshing, witty, and intelligent horror-comedy involving the undead.
No Way Out 1987 Movie Scene Kevin Costner as Tom Farrell thinking about what he's going to do now

No Way Out [1987]

A bit outdated, No Way Out is a slow-burning procedural thriller with several subplots involving murder, politics, romance, and espionage.
The Decline 2020 Movie Scene Guillaume Laurin as Antoine and Marie-Evelyne Lessard as Rachel practicing shooting under Réal Bossé as Alain's supervision

The Decline [2020]

Immersive, realistic, and at times brutal, The Decline is a well-crafted minimalist thriller featuring a solid story and excellent acting.
I See You 2019 Movie Scene Helen Hunt as Jackie hearing something strange inside the house

I See You [2019]

If you're looking for an entertaining and clever serial killer thriller, I See You will do the job just fine despite its rocky start.
The Getaway 1994 Movie Scene Alec Baldwin as Carter Doc McCoy shooting his shotgun at the police during a chase

The Getaway [1994]

The Getaway is not your classic nineties thriller but a captivating and no-bullshit heist extravaganza featuring an excellent cast.
Orange County 2002 Movie Scene Colin Hanks as Shaun Brumder finding out his test scores

Orange County [2002]

Orange County is a lighthearted coming-of-age teen comedy with an awesome cast and a dreamy atmosphere perfect for escapism.
Pumpkinhead 1988 Movie Scene Lance Henriksen as Ed on his way to the old witch

Pumpkinhead [1988]

Despite its cheerful title, Pumpkinhead is a dark fairy tale of rural revenge featuring excellent practical effects and makeup.