Outland 1981 Movie Scene Sean Connery talking to Frances Sternhagen

Outland [1981]

Are you tired of your life on Earth and are looking for something new and exciting? I give you Outland, space western set on the moon Io and starring Sean Connery.

Infini [2015]

Drawing inspiration from a lot of classics, Infini is a solid and visually appealing retro science fiction movie about an incident on a remote mining outpost.
Kill Command 2016 Movie Scene Vanessa Kirby as Mills looking at a giant SAR killer robot

Kill Command [2016]

Visually stunning and entertaining, Kill Command follows a group of soldiers hunted by frighteningly realistic killer robots on a deserted island.
Air 2015 Movie Djimon Hounsou as Cartwright going into hibernation

Air [2015]

Air is the breath of fresh air in that somewhat stale post-apocalyptic genre. Granted, the execution was a bit wobbly, suffering from standard-issue problems for a rookie director. However, there are a few...
Stowaway 2021 Movie Anna Kendrick as Zoe Levenson looking at Earth from space

Stowaway [2021]

Without any supernatural elements, Stowaway is a slow-burning space survival melodrama following the first manned mission to Mars with a couple of flaws.
ARQ 2016 Movie Robbie Amell as Renton waking up

ARQ [2016]

Time loop movies are a thing now and with a gripping atmosphere, great writing, and well-developed characters ARQ is definitely one of the better ones.
Code 8 2019 Movie Two Guardians, special police robots with their weapons drawn

Code 8 [2019]

Authentic, gritty, and engaging, Code 8 is not just an effective science fiction movie about people with superhuman abilities but it's also a heist movie.
Dead End Drive In 1986 Movie Ned Manning as Crabs holding a shotgun

Dead End Drive-In [1986]

Underrated and incredibly stylish, Dead End Drive-In is one of the most authentic post-apocalyptic movies of the eighties with a poignant story about conformism.