Dead End Drive In 1986 Movie Ned Manning as Crabs holding a shotgun

Dead End Drive-In [1986]

Underrated and incredibly stylish, Dead End Drive-In is one of the most authentic post-apocalyptic movies of the eighties with a poignant story about conformism.
Tenet 2020 Movie John David Washington and Robert Pattinson in a car driving down the highway

Tenet [2020]

You don't have to fully understand Tenet to enjoy lavish and extravagant action sequences, intriguing time travel concepts, and beautiful cinematography.
Project Power 2020 Movie Jamie Foxx and Dominique Fishback talking

Project Power [2020]

Formulaic but visually appealing, Project Power is one of those forgettable timewasters. It will be referred to as that Jamie Foxx superhero movie.
Neon City 1991 Movie Lyle Alzado as bulk standing in front of the bus holding a gun

Neon City [1991]

Doubling as a road trip movie, Neon City is a decent post-apocalyptic Mad Max ripoff with a fun cast, fully fleshed out world, and a strong western vibe.
DeepStar Six 1989 Movie The crew helping Matt McCoy as Richardson out of this huge diving suit

DeepStar Six [1989]

DeepStar Six is an undemanding and character-oriented underwater science fiction thriller reminiscent of Alien with a good cast and decent atmosphere.
Moontrap 1989 Movie Walter Koenig in space suit holding a strange object that resembles an egg that he just retrieved from a derelict ship

Moontrap [1989]

So, you've run out of all great science fiction movies from the eighties? Not a problem, just switch to the good ones like mysterious and charming Moontrap.
Underwater 2020 movie Norah (Kristen Stewart) resting in suit

Underwater [2020]

I must report that Underwater turned out to be a pretty solid science fiction movie with a couple of gimmicks that ultimately pushed it towards a solid eight.
Dark Side of the Moon 1990 Movie Robert Sampson and Will Bledsoe in spacesuits exploring the abandoned spaceship

The Dark Side Of The Moon [1990]

It's the little things that I find amusing, like people smoking aboard a spaceship, a staple of the eighties and nineties science fiction movies. Plus a female android dressed in vinyl because it looks futuristic and not as a dominatrix.
Teleios 2017 Movie Crew of the ship in their cryochambers in suspended animation with the shot of a gas giant with the rings in the background

Teleios [2017]

One of the principal themes of Teleios or Beyond the Trek revolves around the definition of what it means to be human. The story seems familiar and yet intriguing, reminiscent of Star Trek. This is not a space opera with huge battleships or aliens but more of a philosophical slow-burner working within the limits of the low budget.
Mindwarp 1992 Movie Bruce Campbell as Stover holding a crossbow dressed in fur while a Crawler is about to throw a sling at him from water

Mindwarp [1992]

Visceral and gory, Mindwarp is an underrated post-apocalyptic movie that combines this environment with virtual reality and a lot of philosophical motives.
Leviathan 1989 Movie Crew of miners walking on the bottom of the ocean in huge diving suits

Leviathan [1989]

Leviathan borrowed so many elements from Alien and The Thing, that we shouldn't be mad but amazed at what ultimately turned out to be a charming homage.
Moon 44 1990 Movie Giant transport vessel or spaceship getting close to the blue moon

Moon 44 [1990]

Incredibly immersive with a fully-fleshed out world, Moon 44 is an eighties science-fiction extravaganza that needed a stronger plot.
Stranded 2001 Movie Maria de Medeiros in spacesuit walking on the surface of Mars

Stranded [2001]

Very atmospheric and immersive, Stranded is an underrated and visually impressive Spanish science fiction movie about the first manned mission to Mars.