Alien Cargo 1999 Hibernation chambers for hyper sleep onboard the spaceship SSS17

Alien Cargo [1999]

If you're looking for those underrated science fiction movies, look no further than Alien Cargo that plays like your favorite episode of Star Trek.
Prospect 2018 Movie Sophie Thatcher as Cee falling down to her knees in a space suit looking down at a nearby planet on a horizon

Prospect [2018]

Prospect is a very immersive and original science fiction movie with a fully fleshed out world and refreshing story about ordinary people trying to survive.
Cherry 2000 1987 Movie David Andrews as Sam Treadwell walking away from the red car and towards Melanie Griffith as E. Johnson looking through the special binoculars

Cherry 2000 [1987]

Extremely entertaining and easy-going eighties science-fiction extravaganza complete with a post-apocalyptic setting, crazy fashion, and great pacing.
Cosmos 2019 Movie Joshua Ford as Harry Knight and Tom England as Mike Webster looking at the computer rendered image of a universe

Cosmos [2019]

Indie science fiction slow-burner with powerful performances that will reignite your love of stargazing and make you wonder what's really out there?
Lucy [2014] Movie Scarlett Johansson holding two guns and walking down the hallway scene

Lucy [2014]

A fun and entertaining take on superhero movies. Silly science, great action sequences, Scarlett Johansson and Morgan Freeman, what more to want?
Sunshine 2007 Movie, the crew of spaceship Icarus II

Sunshine [2007]

As one of the best science fiction movies of the decade, Sunshine is a very accurate and thrilling story about a dying sun and humanities efforts to save it

The Cloverfield Paradox [2018]

Looking and feeling extremely familiar, this science fiction thriller is a pretty solid watch. Coming to us from Oren Uziel, the guy who rebooted Mortal Kombat movies and written scripts for several decent...
The Signal [2014] Movie Laurence Fishburne as Damon final scene

The Signal [2014]

An interesting indie science fiction movie that avoided the usual mistakes of the genre is an example of how to do a visually impressive movie on a budget.
The Giver [2014] Movie Review Recommendation

The Giver [2014]

In a perfectly ordered community of the future, one teenager starts questioning things. Based on a book, The Giver has a real edge and message.