Cargo 2009 Movie Anna Katharina Schwabroh looking through the window as meteors hit Earth

Cargo [2009]

With an immersive and mysterious atmosphere, Cargo is a visually stunning European science fiction movie with a questionable script and engaging story.
The Box [2009] Movie Review Recommendation

The Box [2009]

Based on a short story by Richard Matheson, this very original thriller/science fiction movie will either hit you really hard or you will find it barely amusing. This depends whether you like to experiment...
Ghosts of Mars [2001] Movie Review Recommendation

Ghosts of Mars [2001]

Many will argue that John Carpenter started to lose it with this flick, and that may be true to some extent, but this doesn't mean that Ghosts of Mars are a bad or boring. There are a lot of inconsistencies...
Minority Report [2002] Movie Review Recommendation

Minority Report [2002]

I think that only the latest Screamers movie was something that I hated and is based on stories of Philip K. Dick (A Scanner Darkly, Impostor, Screamers, Total Recall, Blade Runner). Directed by Steven...
Avatar [2009] Movie Review Recommendation

Avatar [2009]

You knew that this day would come, and it came. Huh, I did not see Avatar in 3d, or in a theater or under the influence of drugs, and I guess that influenced my review greatly. First of all, I must separate...
Mars Attacks! [1996] Movie Review Recommendation

Mars Attacks! [1996]

Directed by famous (and now ultra popular Tim Burton) this movie is highly underrated. I guess everyone was expecting something more in line of his classic movies, and not this type of parody. So before you...
Galaxy Quest [1999] Movie Review Recommendation

Galaxy Quest [1999]

Galaxy Quest is a movie about Star Trek and everything surrounding the television series. From sets to conventions and actors, everything is present and accounted for. Now a cult classic, lets start with the...
The Forgotten [2004] Movie Review Recommendation

The Forgotten [2004]

Starring Julianne Moore, The Forgotten centers on a grieving mother that lost her child in a plane accident and just can't get over the tragedy. Slowly she will notice that her son is less and less mentioned...
The Road [2009] Movie Review Recommendation

The Road [2009]

Another great adaptation of another great post apocalyptic novel. This time there is no room for humor (like in A Boy And His Dog), or anything hopeful. Only thing that remains is the gray sky and the gray...
Moon [2009] Movie Review Recommendation

Moon [2009]

How to write a review for a movie that actually changed you as a person? Moon played out like a phenomenal novel written by Clark or Asimov, making me question my own existence, efforts towards "better life"...
A Boy and His Dog [1975] Movie Review Recommendation

A Boy and His Dog [1975]

This forgotten blast from the past you must not miss. It served as an inspiration for the developers of the Fallout video games, and if you played them it will be that much better for you. I just love that...
Dead Space: Downfall [2008] Movie Review Recommendation

Dead Space: Downfall [2008]

First off, this is not a Manga cartoon. The style of animation somewhat resembles them, but that's due to a lack of money in production. This is a classical Alien rip-off flick based on a video game Dead...
The Fountain [2006] Movie Review Recommendation

The Fountain [2006]

Another Darren Aronofsky masterpiece that redefined fantasy and science fiction genres. With three stories that intersect but still are set in different times, he really managed to make a work of art, with...
Pandorum [2009] Movie Review Recommendation

Pandorum [2009]

This mixture of Alien, Dead Space Downfall and other movies regarding infections on a remote space station is relatively good. From the initial $200.000 budget, the whole thing blew up to $33 million after a...
Hardwired 2009 Movie Cuba Gooding Jr. as Luke Gibson

Hardwired [2009]

Eerily reminiscent of the cyberpunk classics of the eighties and nineties, Hardwired is a flawed science fiction B movie with a couple of redeeming values.