Backcountry 2014 Movie Jeff Roop as Alex and Missy Peregrym as Jenn

Backcountry [2014]

Based on true events, Backcountry features some truly gory and harrowing scenes as it follows a couple who get lost in the woods during bear season.
The Gift 2015 Movie Bottle of wine Gordo left as a present on a table with Jason Bateman reading the note

The Gift [2015]

Do not be discouraged by the generic title, The Gift is an intense and cleverly written psychological thriller with a suspenseful atmosphere and great cast.
Silk Road 2021 Movie Nick Robinson as Ross Ulbricht and Alexandra Shipp as Julia looking at his laptop

Silk Road [2021]

If you haven't heard of the Silk Road, an illegal online marketplace this easygoing and vibrant movie with great performances is a good place to start.
Shorta AKA Enforcement 2020 Movie Jacob Lohmann with a face covered in blood wearing a bulletproof west and a hoodie

Shorta AKA Enforcement [2020]

Dealing with race issues and police brutality Shorta is a Danish thriller following two cops who find themselves in the wrong neighborhood at the wrong time.
Le Trou 1960 Movie Philippe Leroy, Raymond Meunier, Marc Michel and Jean Keraudy with his back to us during a cell inspection

Le Trou AKA The Hole [1960]

Compelling and intense, Le Trou is without a shadow of a doubt the best prison escape movie based on a true story and with an engaging atmosphere.
Les Lyonnais 2011 Movie Gérard Lanvin as Momon Vidal

Les Lyonnais [2011]

Based on the life of French criminal Edmond Vidal, Les Lyonais is an engaging crime thriller driven by Gérard Lanvin's compelling performance.
Rogue City 2020 Movie Lannick Gautry as Richard Vronski

Bronx AKA Rogue City [2020]

If you haven't seen any of the gritty French police thrillers, Bronx AKA Rogue City can be a great start with its stylish visuals, macho characters, and foreboding atmosphere.
Calibre 2018 Movie Jack Lowden holding a sniper rifle and Martin McCann watching in horror

Calibre [2018]

Set in a picturesque and imposing Scotland rural countryside, Calibre is an old-school thriller that puts you in the shoes of two city boys in trouble.
Fear City 1984 movie Tom Berenger with his hands up

Fear City [1984]

Entertaining and sleazy, Fear City combines nudity, violence, and neon-lit streets of New York in the eighties into a flawed movie still worth watching.
The Loft 2014 Movie James Marsden, Karl Urban and Wentworth Miller looking terrified after they discovered a dead body in their loft

The Loft [2014]

Stylish and effective, The Loft is extravagant who done it murder mystery with a hot and attractive cast that will keep you entertained for 90 minutes.