Bajocero 2021 Movie A police car in front of an armored prisoner transport van on a dark road

Bajocero AKA Below Zero [2021]

Featuring a couple of great concepts that fell apart in the final third, Bajocero is an atmospheric and gritty Spanish thriller perfect for time-wasting.
The Little Things 2021 Movie Rami Malek talking on the phone scene

The Little Things [2021]

Powered by strong performances from Denzel and Leto, The Little Things is a flawed slow-burning serial killer movie that should satisfy the fans of the genre.

21 Bridges [2019]

Suspenseful, entertaining, and visually appealing, 21 Bridges is an old-school police thriller unfolding throughout one crazy night in Manhattan.
Escape From Pretoria 2020 Movie Daniel Radcliffe and Daniel Webber watching Mark Leonard Winter lighting a cigarette inside the prison

Escape from Pretoria [2020]

Incredibly intense and nerve-wracking, Escape From Pretoria is a prison break movie based on true events taking place during Apartheid in South Africa.
L627 1992 Movie Didier Bezace as Lulu holding a bag of powdery substance, most likely heroin, in front of a naked suspect

L.627 [1992]

L.627 is an authentic and gritty French police thriller following detective Lulu and his hardened anti-drug squad working in the worst Parisian ghettos.
The Nightingale 2018 Movie Aisling Franciosi as Clare and Baykali Ganambarr as Billy

The Nightingale [2018]

Traumatic and intense, The Nightingale is a different breed of western and a revenge movie that also honestly explores colonialism and misogyny.
Romeo Is Bleeding 1993 Movie Gary Oldman looking at Lena Olin as she's smoking a cigarette scene

Romeo Is Bleeding [1993]

Romeo Is Bleeding is a neo-noir dirty cop thriller with a twist. One year earlier we could revel in Harvey Keitel's performance in Bad Lieutenant and now it was Gary Oldman's time.

Jagged Edge [1985]

If you're looking for a decent eighties thriller/courtroom drama to space out, check out Jagged Edge starring Jeff Bridges and Glenn Close.
Donkey Punch 2008 Movie Sian Breckin as Lisa listening to Tom Burke describing what's a donkey punch

Donkey Punch [2008]

The best thing about Donkey Punch is that it's just so damn entertaining. This is a is a thriller with an interesting story, realistic atmosphere and good acting
Amsterdamned 1988 Movie Huub Stapel as Eric Visser arriving at the crime scene with police taking photos of a victim in a boat

Amsterdamned [1988]

Gritty, authentic, and very entertaining, Amsterdamned is a Dutch slasher about a hard-boiled detective and serial killer lurking in Amsterdam's canals.
Run 2020 Movie Sarah Paulson and Kiera Allen in a pharmacy

Run [2020]

Run is a very intense and engaging high-concept thriller with compelling performances by Sarah Paulson and Kiera Allen and strong Stephen King vibes.
The Gentlemen 2019 Movie Review Charlie Hunnam as Ray and Colin Farrell as Coach looking at trunk of a car

The Gentlemen [2019]

This latest Guy Ritchie British crime movie is not a return to his best but it's still a damn fine movie. Especially when you consider the cast and the story.
Cold Comes The Night 2013 Movie Alice Eve and Bryan Cranston

Cold Comes The Night [2013]

Perfect for one viewing, Cold Comes The Night is a neo-noir crime thriller in the vein of the Coen brothers movies starring Bryan Cranston and Alice Eve.
Breaking Surface 2020 Movie Moa Gammel lighting a flare to signal a plane flying over her

Breaking Surface [2020]

Fast-paced and intense, Breaking Surface is a high-concept thriller unfolding in real-time and following two sisters who get in trouble during a dive.