Call of the Wolf Movie Review

Call of the Wolf [2017]

Indie slow-burn thriller set in the desolate cabin in the middle of a winter where a man realizes he's being hunted and must escape or fight.
Detour 2016 Movie Desert scene

Detour [2016]

Very engaging and intelligent road-trip movie about life and how choices we make take us onto unexpected paths. Or expected...
Dark Places [2014] Charlize Theron as Libby Day Prison scene

Dark Places [2015]

Based on a novel, this who-done-it mystery movie starring Charlize Theron and Nicholas Hoult is a perfect choice for those long Sunday afternoons.
The Salvation [2014] Movie Eva Green burial scene

The Salvation [2014]

A very engaging and original take on a familiar western story with stunning vistas, visuals, and strong performances from Mads Mikkelsen and Eva Green.
Kill The Messenger 2014 movie Jeremy Renner as Gary Webb scene

Kill the Messenger [2014]

A very engaging and authentic movie based on the life of Gary Webb, an investigative journalist who broke the story about the US involvement in Nicaragua.
Locke [2013] Movie Review Recommendation

Locke [2013]

I think you should know that this movie is set entirely in just one location: Ivan Locke's car. I also think that you should know that this is one of the best set-in-the-car movies I have seen. You won't...
Blue Ruin [2013] Movie Review Recommendation Poster

Blue Ruin [2013]

A phenomenal and down-to-earth indie slow-burner with stunning visuals and an intense atmosphere that will keep you on the edge of your seat.
The Good Doctor [2011] Movie Review Recommendation

The Good Doctor [2011]

Realistic and down-to-earth drama/thriller demonstrating how character study is done. Just Orlando Bloom's stellar performance makes it worth watching.
13 Sins [2014] Movie Mark Webber as Elliot Brindle talking on a mobile phone in a car scene

13 Sins [2014]

Proof that there can be such a thing as a successful remake. With great pacing, awesome script and a healthy dose of black humor, 13 Sins is a must-see.
Non-Stop [2014] Movie Review Recommendation

Non-Stop [2014]

An action movie with an intense atmosphere, flashy visual style and Liam Neeson. Air marshal must figure out who's the threat on a flight of his life.
The Hard Word [2002] Movie Review Recommendation

The Hard Word [2002]

Juicy crime/heist thriller with a strong cast, great story, and authentic atmosphere. If you're tired of American heist movies check out this Aussie one.
Thursday [1998] Movie Thursday 1998 Movie Aaron Eckhart as Nick and Thomas Jane as Casey

Thursday [1998]

Authentic and gritty look at the world of crime that you will rarely find. Driven by psychopatic and always scheming characters, this is a must-see.
Internal Affairs [1990] Movie Review Recommendation

Internal Affairs [1990]

A slow-burner about police corruption with phenomenal character development, strong performances, and a distinct nineties vibe.