After District 9 comes Elysium, not a sequel

After great success that Neill Blomkamp had with District 9 (that was bonerefic) he decided that his next project will be Elysium, also a science fiction movie but not connected with D9. The story is set 150 years into the future on another planet, and it will have the similar vibe to D9, in socio-political way. So far there are not that many informations about the plot but Neill said that it would be “violent, very violent, and very unique hopefully”.

So far, so good, and as far as the cast goes it is pretty solid: Matt Damon, Jodie Foster and Sharlto Copley. I do not know how Matt will fit in with this type of movie, and that is my only doubt. The studios gave artistic freedom to Blomkamp(this means that he can do whatever he wants and they will throw money at him), also another plus, and when I read that the designer is going to be Syd Mead (Blade Runner, TRON, Aliens, Mission to Mars) this movie really started to sound too good to be true… The release date is set to March 8th 2013, so we have a long time to wait and follow the development of this movie, and in the meantime check out this, well I do not know how to call it, a teaser that was released earlier this year.