Based on the masterpiece written by Dan Simmons (if you have not read them, now is the time, especially if you like science fiction) this movie was supposed to come out in 2012, but now the release date has been pushed to 2013. The director will be Scott Derrickson (The Day the Earth Stood Still, The Exorcism of Emily Rose, Hellraiser: Inferno), and I cannot see how he relates to the books and the whole Hyperion vibe. Granted, I really liked Emily, but Hellraiser was below average and the Day just a bland blockbuster, attempt to milk the fame of the original movie.

Now Hyperion is a incredibly complex book, with so many profound and vivid characters, plots, subplots and stories, and I cannot see how can someone who has never before directed anything similar make all these things come together in just one movie? Simmons himself offered help in the production of the movie, cutting out some of the situations, but does maiming really helps here? I think that that way the viewers will lose the best parts of the story. Is the goal just to make a movie, or created a proper adaptation?

I have huge doubts about this movie, especially since I loved the book so much and I think that almost none of its parts should be left out. There has been an idea floating around that this should be picked up by HBO and made into a series that would consist of several seasons, explaining and immersing the viewers into magnificently crafted world of future. I fear that some lame ass cable network or television would pick up this and create a ultimately low budget and awful actors, so only major production is the right choice. And I think that this would be good both for the viewers and the network, since the series would be definitely popular and interesting…

Anywhoo, at this time we do not know much about this subject, so I will keep you updated, and in meantime, even if you are not a science fiction fan you should check out the book…

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