Lock-Out new Luc Besson movie

It turns out that new Luc Besson movie is going to be an updated version of Escape From New York, judging from the trailer. Starring Guy Pearce (L.A. Confidential, Ravenous, Memento) and pretty girl Maggie Grace ( Taken, Faster,{and then} Lost) and one of my favourite bad/russian guys Peter Stormare, it has basically the same plot as Carpenters masterpiece with changed scenery, instead of apocalyptic New York story of the Lock-Out is set on a MS ONE Security Maximum (another title for the movie) prison. Peters daughter Maggie is trapped there during the riot and then they recruit Guy to go get her. With some funny one-liners, excellent sets and effects this seems to be a guaranteed hit. It is funny how much Guy Pierce looks like Hugh Jackman in this movie with all those muscles and beard, they could play a kick ass twins in some movie, hopefully science fiction. Still, I could not believe that Guy can pull of this type of character, a muscly smart-ass in the vein of Die Hard, Escape From New York and other movies featuring this type of characters, it seems that eighties are coming back with a bang. I sincerely hope that he will continue to get these types of roles because he seems like a really cool star of this genre.