New Mad Max movie, Fury Road

Yep, it seems that almost every good movie that has been made in the last millennium is going to get a sequel. Since I am a great fan of post-apocalyptic movies, I am hoping that they are going to do this one properly. First of all, Mel is not going to be starring. This is not a surprise, but rather a disappointing fact, and a lot of the fans, me included, think that without him this movie will be some commercial trash. But, directed by the same director, it still can surprise many. So far we know that it will be set after the 1985’s Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, and that is pretty much it. Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron are starring and there are some other names attached to the movie but nothing is certain. I think that they could have taken a different path, and place the story many years after Thunderdome, where we will find aged Mel, living in some crappy house with a dog. And after that something happens and he is forced to do something (I am not very creative right now :D)

This is a picture of one the vehicles that will be used in the new movie.