New movies based on video games

We all love video games and wonder how they would look if they were movies. So far, there are only a couple of movies based on video games that are actually good, and the same goes the other way around since there are also a few video games based on movies that are any good. With the constant merging of the entertainment world, movies and video games have never been closer, and the gaming population growing every day we can expect that this trend continues. So here are a few promising conversions that should come out in a foreseeable future:

  1. God of War Movie– As an avid PC user, I am not that much familiar with this game, although I must confess that I have played it for a few hours and it was fun. And why it wouldn’t be when you are controlling a Demigod Kratos, a tattooed, muscular bad ass slaying and killing everything in site in a most brutal fashion. As always with this type of games there is a fear that the movie would be too mild and watered down so that the young audiences can enjoy it as well. Judging from the writers Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan (Saw series, Piranha 3DD) we can expect this movie to be pretty tasty, juicy and dripping with blood of our enemies. At one point actor Djimon Hounsou  was attached to play Kratos, although he is black and Kratos is white, it seems that this idea is history. It would be a shame to miss out such a testosterone filled premise, so keep your swords cross that they don’t botch it up…
  2. Deus Ex: Human Revolution Movie– Well, this is more up my alley since I recently finished the game, and also played the original from 2000. A gripping story about Adam Jensen, a security expert at Sarif Industries and his mission to find out why and who attacked their headquarters, almost killing him. Future, nano-technology, body augmentations and a noir atmosphere are very promising. The task of the conversion to the movie screen took CBS Films responsible for The Woman in Black, The Mechanic, Faster, Seven Psychopaths so I have faith that they will do a good job. There are no further informations about a cast or director, so stay tuned for more news.
  3. Assassin’s Creed Movie – Again, one the games that I enjoyed playing and this one seems most feasible with the enormous success of the franchise both on consoles and PC. Not to mention Michael Fassbender who will be in a lead role and producer of the movie. A phenomenal actor that can easily switch between very different roles and still excel in them, and in my opinion a perfect choice for the lead. The movie will follow the plot of the game, switching between past and present….
  4.  Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Movie – Tom’s books have been often converted to movies (Clear and Present Danger, The Hunt for Red October…) so it is no surprise that very successful game Splinter Cell is up next. There are no further informations about actors, director or anything else, except that the Paramount is making this movie. It remains to be seen will they do justice to Sam Fisher…
  5. Need For Speed – With Fast & Furious smashing box offices, Need For Speed franchise seems like the logical step for the movie industry. With a decent story, and endless possibilities for its extension the main focus of this movie will be unbelievable chase sequences with never seen before car stunts. Scott Waugh (Act Of Valor) should be directing this movie based on a screenplay by George Gatins, and the whole thing will be produced by  John Gatins (Real Steel and Flight)