Our name is Legion for we are Many! Updated!

With the MegaUpload and MegaVideo being raided by the FBI and SOPA,  the war has begun. Like a script from a science fiction movie, The Corporations started to enforce their rules in an effort to make even more money and cage and imprison the minds and later bodies of the entire humanity. Anonymous attacked a number of sites in response to this, and I am so happy that those little shits got what their wanted (although these were only DDoS attacks, they were perfectly appropriate). Here are some links, join the fight!

The Pirate Bay: http://static.thepiratebay.org/legal/sopa.txt

Anonymous Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/YourAnonNews

MegaUpload: http://www.rlslog.net/megaupload-megavideo-raided-by-fbi-owners-arrested/ 



Update: Since the raid on megaupload, and the blackout supported by numerous sites, SOPA and PIPA are for now history. This is not the end of the fight for our rights, as the asshole who pushed for two previous bills now has a new one, even more sinister. This is supposedly a bill that enables authorities to catch child pornographers, people hated by every normal person, but in fact it gives a ton of information about anyone who uses the Internet and credit cards. You will find a link below that explains this much better than I ever could.

And now a personal note: today I watched one of my favourite shows Real Time With Bill Maher, hoping that Bill would stand in the defense of civil liberties, as he’s done so many times in the past. But this is not what happened. After stating that he knows nothing about two proposed bills SOPA and PIPA, he went on a rant about piracy and his movie Religulous and how he lost a lot of money because it was pirated. All of his guest then said exactly the opposite and condemned the bills, rightly so. Piracy is happening not just because people want free stuff, but there are many things that influence this subject. One of them is the laziness of the major studios in there marketing, packaging and distribution of movies and series. You have to offer the customer not just the movie (some of the basic marketing lessons), you have to offer him the experience that he will not get by downloading an .avi or .mkv file. Lets take the movie Alien and the series Lost as an example of this: you can buy an Alien Quadrilogy in pod that looks like the one that face-huggers burst out of and Lost offers maps, hidden discs, and many other secrets that you don’t get with the downloaded files. This whole issue is about money, and has little to do with the copyright infringements and artist being ripped off. It saddens me to think that even Bill can be so shortsighted, lazy and arrogant, but I guessed he earned the right to sometimes be wrong. And one more thing, as an avid Atheist he should be giving his movie free and not trying to make tons of money of it (as he already has tons of money)…

But I digress, anywhoo check out this new bill that Senator Lamar Smith is proposing and inform people around you about it: