Prometheus, will he get away with the fire?

It has been know for a while now that Ridley Scott, and greedy movie studios wanted to continue with the Alien franchise, especially since Predators did so well. Some smelled money and some smelled opportunity. So far we know that this movie (or movies since there could be two of them) is a prequel to an original Alien movie. The project began with Carl Rinsch as a director and later on he was kicked out, and dismissed as too lame. Its beginning remind me of another movie Exorcist: The Beginning, which had similar difficulties and two directors. Of course, money talks and they first thought that they could get away with two directors, Scott and Rinsch and two separate movies, but later on discarded poor Carl… When Scott agreed to direct he wanted a $250 million budget along with an R rating, but 20th Century Fox said no in fear of lower profit margin(fuckin bastards, I want my blood and guts). I have to go on a rant here with this fact, because I cannot stand to see works of art destroyed with these money deciesion, they have started treating movies as any other products and that sickens me. Imagine an Alien movie without blood, cursing or Aliens, what do they want, fuckin E.T.? Anywhoo, it seems that they have reached some sort of compromise and Scott will get his freedom as a director. Cast is pretty good and consists of relatively reliable actors without some hot shots: Noomi Rapace,, Michael Fassbender, Charlize Theron. They almost went with that Portman for the lead and luckily gave her up for Noomi. Story is set in the year 2085, thirty years before the first Alien movie, with yet unknown plot. Filming has started and the premiere is set for March 9, 2012, so happy waiting.