Rambo 5: Fighting cartels in Mexico or Hunting a creature in the Arctic Circle

After a successful return to the Rambo franchise with the deliciously bloody and gory Rambo [2008], Sly decided that mere humans can no longer pose any threat to the almighty Rambo as he now must fight a genetically enhanced creature that escapes from a top secret government facility in the Arctic Circle. At this point it is yet uncertain in which direction the movie will be moving, but there are only two options, and here they are:

  1. Rambo 5: Predator – This version would be a Sly’s reverse take on the Predator, this time he is hunting a superior creature, genetically enhanced to be a perfect weapon, now loose and looking for blood. Rambo must protect the mankind once more, since the creature clearly drew first blood, Rambo must draw his bow and fuck shit up.  Based on the novel Hunter by James Byron Huggins, it features everything that a good sci-fi action movie should have, and it puts a twist in a classic Rambo story…
  2. Rambo 5: El Hefe – In this version there is no sci-fi element, but a classic plot in the vein of the last movie. Cartels, drug/human trafficking in Mexico are still rampart and seem to have no end, and who else than Rambo to clear this mess. After a young girl is kidnapped, Rambo decides that it is time to dust off the old bow and kill some Mexicans. Again, we can expect blood, action and a lot of jungle hunting as in previous parts. This is a more plausible direction, since Sly recently said that all that Hunter sci-fi stuff will most likely be left for a new movie without any connection to Rambo (perhaps its time for Rocky to make a comeback?)