Terminator 5: Destiny Unknown

OK, the first Terminator was really good for its time, introducing a relatively known concept with a strong lead (Schwarzenegger), and the second part was just so nineties cool. I consider both of them movies that I can watch anytime (anytime, anytimeee…) anywhere, the third installment was relatively watchable and the fourth was pushing it. And now, they are about to make the fifth movie which is completely insane. I think that they are just trying to make more money out of the Terminator franchise, because it really does not matter what the movie is going to be like, people will want to see it. If for nothing else than to see how fucked up it is. There are only two possible directions in which they can move, and those are a realistic drama and a zany comedy. Comedy and Terminators just do not go together and this would be a horrible mistake, but a realistic drama, reexamining the basis of the franchise is something that I would like to see. Of course none of this is going to happen.

Justin Lin (Fast & Furious) agreed to direct Terminator 5, but then backed down for other projects. And those other projects are Highlander remake and new Fast & Furious sequel (I guess sixth), and while F&F is totally cool by me, Highlander does not need a remake. But, I digress (fucking constantly), Arnold Schwarzenegger first confirmed his full role in the fifth movie, but after the resent scandal his faith is also unknown, and all we know for sure is that Robert Patrick will participate in this mess, but as some scientist since the movie is set in 2011, before Judgment Day (for now). The scripts and general directions of this movie changed constantly as the rights to it have been tossed around more times then ……… (insert something funny). At this time, Pacificor holds the rights to the franchise until James Cameron takes them in 2018, so that leaves six years to make some progress with this project. All I have to say is good luck.