The Darkest Hour new Science Fiction movie from Timur Bekmambetov

I hope they die, I hope they all fucking die! Another mainstream crappy movie starring some attractive and highly fuckable teenagers who somehow survived the end of the fucking world. Well, I guess disasters, aliens, criminals and others just love pretty people, and they leave them alone to fuck up there plans. This reminds me of some crappy movie with Hulk Hogan, where some kids save the world. Even that movie had a better plot than this one. Following Battle Los Angeles vibe with that simpleminded story and resistance (who mentioned The Falling Skies) the studios are hoping to make some money out of it. Produced by Timur Bekmambetkambetkamov, we’ll call him Timur from now on (or Timon without Pumbaa), the creator of Wanted a visually stunning movie, The Darkest Hour continues in the same direction. The story is pretty simple: Aliens attack the Earth and a couple of pretty teenagers are stuck in Moscow during the attack. In Soviet Russia you attack the aliens! As you can check out from the trailer below, the effects are fucking awesome.

That whole disappearing act is so juicy and realistic, that I hope that the Aliens will exterminate all of human race. After all, we deserve it for making this type of movie, actors are awful, story is ok and the special effects are awesome, the blockbuster trifecta. From what I can tell from the trailer of The Darkest Hour it will be pretty similar to Vanishing on 7th Street, but with a lot more fighting, so if you are eager to see it, maybe you can check out Vanishing also.  At least the aliens are not some humanoid green or gray variations but some sort of energy beings, which shows some hints of originality in this movie. Well, I guess we will check it out after the premiere in 23.12.2011, but fuck me if I am going to pay to see something like this…