The Thing 2011 is not a remake of The Thing 1982 but a prequel

I had no fucking idea that one of my favourite movies is in the butchering shop, but that first awkward feeling of milking remake soon went away as I kept reading and found out that this is a prequel. Much like the Prometheus (Alien sort of prequel) this new movie will focus on the events that happened before the original. And those events are in the infamous Swedish, oops I mean Norwegian camp, where we will find out what happened to its inhabitants, well, I guess if you saw the original, you pretty much know what will happen, but never mind. I quite like this idea, it is original and refreshing and pretty logical, and the filmmakers so far have shown almost insane attention to details, watching over and over the original footage from the first movie and trying to figure out how to incorporate their movie in a way that does not seem illogical. Two producers Marc Abraham and Eric Newman along with director Matthijs van Heijningen Jr. seem like a good crew, and they gained my respect by refusing to remake the original stating that it is perfect the way it is (damn right)

Another similarity with the Alien is the lead female role (Mary Elizabeth Winstead), and I already know what are you thinking, oh no now there will be some hot muscular guy that she must fuck (it is pretty boring in the outpost surrounded by penguins and bears), but this is another plus for the movie. The reason for that is that there will be no nudity or sex scenes (its strange that I listed this as a plus) since the crew decided it would fuck up the atmosphere (so true). As far as the effects go, the original is famous for its graphic and of course CGIless special effects, so they tried to keep that vibe, using CGI only when it is absolutely necessary. The thing that annoys me a bit is a title, since it is exactly the same as the original, and I know it would be lame to name it The Thing: Origins, Beginnings or The Norwegians (or The Swedes) but still they could have added something to hint that this is not a remake or a sequel…  Release date for The Thing 2011 is 14 October 2011 and in a few months we will be able to check this very promising movie…