Upcoming Thor movie

Here’s another movie based on a Marvel comic to see the light of day(or night). Movie is directed by Mr. Kenneth Branagh, which is a pretty odd choice if you ask me. So far only movie with remotely similar theme is Frankenstein, and I am not sure that he will be able to create that comic/epic vibe, although this can prove to be a refreshing take on movies based on comics, focusing on the story instead of special effects and testosterone raising scenes(I am sure that will be some, for fucks sake this is movie about Norse mythology). Cast is pretty usual for this type of movie:

Chris HemsworthThor (the guy from latest Star Trek movie, looks like Sam Worthington, 26 years old, able to make chicks wet in 5.3 seconds)

Natalie PortmanJane Foster (the queen from Star Wars movie, looks very fragile and emotional, pretty much annoying)

Anthony HopkinsOdin (the Anthony Hopkins, great choice)

Ray StevensonVolstagg (the guy from Rome series, Punisher 2, very cool and menacing, a perfect choice, able to make chicks wet as October)

Rene RussoFrigga (the girl from the eighties, very stable and veteran looking, not much to say about her…)

Stellan SkarsgårdSelvig (the guy from new Exorcist movies, one of my favourite actors, I have no doubt that he will be fantastic)

With the release of Clash Of The Titans, we will be seeing a lot of these epic old school movies, this one is set to premiere on 11.05.2011 so I am sure that during the wait we will have more information about the story, that is so far pretty much shrouded in darkness.