Based on true events, this movie delivers non-stop action that really has an amazing quality for a TV flick. A bloody shoot-out that actually happened answered the question what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object: eventually object becomes movable. In this stale movie environment, 44 Minutes ignites the spark of not creativity but right choices. We have seen hundreds of movies with ludicrous plots and totally unrealistic action in past couple of years. Why there’s no blockbuster telling of this shoot-out is beyond me. Perhaps, this movie is that good, especially when you consider the cast. Mario, Michael and Ron Fucking Livingston, all experienced actors who knew the limitations of this format and budget, gave their best. And it shows. Actually, because these are not some A-listers, the movie’s got that gritty, left-for-dead vibe. Along with palpable tension, this creates a very engaging atmosphere, where you are constantly wondering what the fuck is going to happen next and how this wasn’t over in five minutes…44 minutes

44 Minutes: The North Hollywood Shoot-Out follows robbers after a failed bank robbery, and their shootout with the police. Heavily armored and with an arsenal of high caliber weapons they will deliver terror and death to the city, police and everything else in between. And the special treat is that it really happened exactly as it’s portrayed in this movie. Well, some details have been altered, but it’s really not important whether the robbers were packing AR-15 with full-length barrels or shortened. Scenes are not so pretty and everything seems rugged and tough, but that’s how it is in real life. Excellent crime/action/thriller that is definitely worth watching, enjoy.

Director: Yves Simoneau

Cast: Michael Madsen, Ron Livingston, Mario Van Peebles,  Ray Baker, Katrina Law

Fun Stuff: Scenes on the residential streets where the robbers tried escaping from the bank were filmed on the actual locations behind the real bank.


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